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April 20, 2020 / Comments (0)

BCH Announcements

When we originally created Briercliffe Community Hub, it was because wanted to have a ‘safe space’ where people in the Community could share knowledge, news and updates in a positive and constructive manner, without all the negativity and ‘fake news’ that comes with social media and society.

After this, we decided to create a physical organisation that would work in, with and for the Community at large.

We championed civic pride, cleared the ‘Oggy’ and Oaklands Nursing Home of debris and rubbish, organised social events, created the Community Cinema and took over the running of/relaunched Briercliffe Community Football Club in order to improve access to sports for our youth.

We are a small number of people, and we do not receive any financial assistance or benefits from any organisation or grant-funding source, which is not for want of trying, with a lot of our projects being funded privately at at great expense to ourselves.

Our relationship with the Parish Council

We have always maintained that while we work closely with Briercliffe Parish Council, that we are apolitical and do not ‘side’ with anybody on any issue or level, including local issues with are outside of the remit of BCH.

We do however stand firmly with them when it comes to the use of social media and the trolling of individuals and organisations from behind ‘the wall’.

“I hope you catch the virus and die…”

After looking at the rising levels of abuse that we as a group, and as individuals have been receiving (in some instances offline) and the increasing decline in the quality of comments, posts and general behaviour of people on our group we have taken the following steps:

  1. Any comments that are derogatory, inflammatory or do not reflect the good-nature of our community will not be allowed.
  2. What we allow is entirely at our discretion, and we shall not be dictated to on the matter.
  3. Membership of our group is optional, if you do not approve of the work we are trying to achieve then we ask that you please leave the group.
  4. Our group is primarily to facilitate communication in the Community, and is not a place for people to air grievances or provoke local issues that are not related to, nor do they have a place in the group.

In closing…

We are currently evaluating if the group in it’s current format is one that we want to be associated with, and one that we wish to sustain in comparison to how it operated when we first launched it.

We have asked for help in the form of volunteer group moderators and enabled Facebook group tools such as the ‘profanity filters’ and keyword alert tools.

Our work is important to us, and with the takeover of Briercliffe Community FC we have to allocate time and resources where we feel they will be best used, and maintaining a negative presence on social media is not part our roadmap.

This is a difficult decision that has to be made, but we’ve always said that we would rather have a group of 500 members who shared our outlook, our goals and our vision as opposed to a 2000 strong group of people who did nothing but share ‘to the person who…’ posts and focused on the negative side of life here in Briercliffe.

We hope you understand, and thank you.

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