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A New Direction to Encourage Volunteering in Briercliffe

Briercliffe Community Hub was originally set up with the goal to make life better for people in Briercliffe, and so we started with a new community Facebook group that focused on information, positivity and forging strong, collaborative relationships with both the Parish and Borough Councils.

Since we started we have seen changes both in the Community, in our own organisation and the world in which we operate on a whole, and so to reflect this, we ourselves have seen the need to change, in order to adapt and serve the Community in which we live and work to a better standard.

We currently run the following volunteer projects under the Briercliffe Community Hub umbrella:

  • Briercliffe Community Football Club
  • BCFC Footy Cubs Academy
  • Briercliffe Community Cinema
  • BCH Facebook Group
  • BCH Virtual Quiz Night (Facebook Live)
  • Neighbourhood Watch*
  • Community Cleanups
  • Friends of Queen Street Park*

*New projects that are currently in setup phase.

In addition to the above, we work closely on initiatives with the Parish and Borough Council including the newly established ‘Friends of Queen Street Park’ in partnership with Burnley Borough Council, and the community-wide Neighbourhood Watch pilot scheme in conjunction with the Lancashire Combined Watch Forum.

All of these projects are manned and run by volunteers, but unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has seen a significant drop in volunteer numbers, and in order to keep our projects running we need volunteers, so we are making the call to our Community to step up, step forward and accept that if we want things to change, we have to be prepared to work for it.

Changes within Briercliffe Community Hub

We are now concentrating our efforts on being a force for change in our Community, and so from the beginning of August 2020, Briercliffe Community Hub will dedicate more of it’s resources, time and assets towards organising, coordinating and recruiting volunteers in our Community, and matching them with opportunities in order to make change happen.

We have recruited volunteer moderators to man and maintain the BCH pages on social media, including Neighbourhood Watch and Footy Cubs so that we can concentrate more on the offline world, than the online world.

We have also taken the difficult decision to put-on-hold indefinitely projects such as the Community Cinema and the Virtual Quiz Night which are now impossible to sustainably run amidst social distancing and other mitigating factors.

Introducing Time Counts

As part of our re-alignment towards volunteer coordination and project management we have enlisted the help of online volunteer management platform Time Counts to help us advertise opportunities, recruit volunteers and match people to opportunities, at the same time as maintaining an up-to-date database of all offers.

Time Counts also allows us to communicate with our army of volunteers via email and/or text messaging to ensure they get timely alerts and updates.

Visit Briercliffe Community Hub on Time Counts

So what’s the next step…

Our work, our projects and indeed ourselves need volunteers to run – without your help, we cannot hope to effect change in Briercliffe for the better, so please donate any time, skills or otherwise that you may have via our Time Counts hub, and also keep an eye out for regular updates both online and in the Parish Newsletter.