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Community Cinema Update

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COVID-19 Update

This project is postponed until further notice due to current government guidelines.

Briercliffe Community Cinema project aims to combat social isolation, bring people together while at the same time providing a cost-effective way to enjoy a small-screen cinema experience.

The Community Cinema is a joint venture between Briercliffe Community Hub, Harts Entertainments and Briercliffe Social Club, with backing from Cinema4All and Filmbank Media.

Over the past two seasons, running from August to April, we have seen a continued and positive uptake of the Community Cinema Project and used any profit made from the screenings to re-invest back into making the experience better for our community.  

We have also surveyed our cinema-goers every month to see how we can adapt and make the experience better.

COVID -19 Interruption to the Community Cinema

At the end of last season, the decision to cancel future screenings was made to protect our community from the effects of COVID-19.

We have explored ways in which the project may be re-ignited but have been unable to find a viable way forward. We will continue to explore ways in which Briercliffe Social Club and ourselves may restart the project, however, the following issues are currently present:

  • Social distancing would mean reduced visitors, which would mean falling massively short of the ~£100/screening fee,
  • Ticket prices would need to increase in order to justify the reduced numbers due to social distancing,
  • The availability of the project to members of our community would be reduced due to venue capacity amidst current COVID-19 guidelines.

It would ideally need some form of community or grant funding in order to restart this project, as the reduction in visitor numbers would mean that Briercliffe Community Hub would be running at a loss for each screening. Increasing ticket prices further is not a credible option as the cost of the tickets was considered one way in which we were making access to social opportunities and entertainment affordable for all in Briercliffe.

We sincerely hope that we find a way forward, and a way to bring back the Community Cinema project, and will continue to work with Briercliffe Social Club to explore ways in which this might be possible.

Could you help this project?

If you know of any funding or grants available for this project, please contact Briercliffe Community Hub on 01282 508415